Tel Aviv Area Botanical Scientists Work With Sophisticated Fungal Symbiotes

A group of specialists in Israel has been working on a mycorrhizal root powder that they say could potentially serve to inoculate plants against other forms of the disease. Many trees such as birch and willow shrubs have roots that are enveloped by a sort of sheath of fungus that connects to a greater network. Leveraging the power of this kind of fungus could help to dramatically reduce the risk of other forms of infection.

In a standard controlled environment, there’s very little chance of this happening. According to a blog post called Unlock the Secret to Healthy and Thriving Plants, the proper application of mycorrhizal root powder can help to develop a type of symbiotic relationship between the roots of a high plant and the mycelium aspects of an organic fungus in much the same way as they would in nature. That’s good news for those who might otherwise have never been able to bring their plants into proper growing soil.

Endotrophic fungi cause no change to occur in the actual shape of roots and the hairs never really atrophy, which makes these an attractive choice for those who want to grow strong plants without risking anything in the way of growth potential. Certain plants may even end up benefiting from fungal hyphae that actually grow out of the soil in order to grow more deeply into the form nodules that these plants commonly produce.

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