The Benefits of Engineered Wood Flooring

Many people love the beauty and elegance of hardwood floors but wish that there was another option, a kind of flooring that was just as attractive yet more affordable and less sensitive to fluctuations in temperature and moisture. That’s where Engineered Wood Flooring comes in. It is made with a lovely layer of real wood on top so that it looks the same as hardwood. But underneath are other layers of cheaper material, such as plywood, that are not visible. This method of construction allows engineered wood flooring in New Jersey to generally be less expensive than other kinds of wood flooring, without sacrificing quality.

How Durable Is It?

In addition to lowering the cost, the layers that combine to create engineered wood allow it to more easily adjust to seasonal weather changes, such as extremes of hot and cold, than hardwood can. The top layer is available in different thicknesses, and in most cases, thicker is better. When the flooring has a lot of solid wood for its top layer, this increases the durability of the floor. As with hardwood, engineered wood can be sanded and then restored multiple times, which helps it to last for many years and be an excellent, cost-effective option. Choosing a kind of wood that is especially hard will also extend the life of the flooring significantly.


Engineered Wood Flooring in New Jersey can be bought with a finish already applied so that it does not have to be finished after it is installed. Or the flooring can be purchased without a finish, which allows homeowners to pick exactly the right shade to stain it and make it fit with their design plans. There are also two options to choose from for installation. Most people will probably prefer to have the floor professionally installed, but for those who enjoy doing projects themselves, some kinds of engineered wood can be clicked and locked together with relative ease.

Since Engineered Wood Flooring in New Jersey captures the look and ambiance of traditional hardwood, but with some additional benefits such as lower cost and greater durability, it is the perfect choice for many flooring projects. It can bring the quality of real wood to any home. When considering engineered wood for a project, or after having already chosen this excellent option, go to the business name website for more information.