The Benefits You Gain From Using Powder Coating Instead of Liquid Paint

by | Feb 4, 2022 | Business

There are plenty of ways in which to color things and while most people use liquid paint to change the color of objects, there is another way that may be even better for your intended purpose. This would be done by using a powder with powder coating additives to ensure quality performance. There are plenty of great reasons why this is so.

Highly Durable

Unlike traditional paint which may crack or chip, powder coatings are specifically designed to withstand such damage. Part of this is because of the heat that is applied when the powder is being cured on the surface to which it is being applied. It is also resistant to most chemicals as well as abrasions.

Time Efficient

Painting with traditional paint is very inefficient when it comes to time management. Since most projects will require more than one coat, you will need to wait for liquid paint to dry before applying another layer. When powder coating is used, however, you can apply as many coats as you need one right after the other. This means the project can be finished quickly and the next one started immediately.

Excellent Variety

Unlike traditional paint which does not mix well with other colors, powder coating additives blend well with any colors imaginable. You can create custom colors at will and even apply a finish so that the product looks like the premium version that you have envisioned.

Dumping paint out in dumpsters or in your backyard is terrible for the environment. In fact, it is actually against the law. Powder coating additives are non-toxic, though, and can be disposed of in any manner in which you see fit.

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