The Best Deck Skirting Ideas in Chicago

by | Oct 27, 2022 | Deck Builder

If you have an elevated deck around your home, you may be looking for deck skirting ideas in Chicago. Deck skirting is installed between the deck and the ground, and it closes off the underside of the deck. It helps to prevent animals from living underneath your deck, but you can also use it for storage. The skirting material will tie in with your deck and be aesthetically pleasing as well.

Skirting Materials

When you look for deck skirting ideas in Chicago, you will find multiple skirting materials. One of the simplest options is wood lattice, and it blocks off the underside while permitting ventilation. You can also use metal, which is durable, weatherproof, and low maintenance. Some people choose brick, another material that is durable and resistant to weather. A popular choice is composite, and you may have seen examples of composite deck skirting ideas. This works well with composite decks, and it offers the look of wood with greater durability and lower maintenance requirements.

Best Deck Skirting Ideas

Some of the best deck skirting ideas in Chicago include wood or composite wood. When you use wood, you have a lot of choices for your design, and you can also choose the color stain to complement the deck or match it. Composite deck skirting is modern, and you have the option of using wider planks because they won’t sag or warp. They don’t rot, so that will last longer than wood. In addition, composite decking materials come in many different textures and colors, so you can find the look you want to create.

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