The Best Recreational Cannabis Strains for Outdoor Fun in Pueblo, CO

by | Jun 23, 2021 | Cannabis

Colorado is well-known for its outdoor activities, and Pueblo is no different. Whether it’s hiking in the Wet Mountains or camping in the San Isabel National Forest, people in Pueblo love getting out in nature. Puebloans know nothing makes the experience of the great outdoors even better than recreational weed.

Recreational weed in Pueblo is readily available, but you need to know the right strains to make your hike even better. Hands down, Sativa and Sativa-dominant strains are what you need since these strains will not dull your senses. Anytime you are hiking or camping, you do need to keep your wits about you. But, the right Sativa strain can make your outdoor experience come vibrantly alive.

Perhaps the best Sativa strain for outdoor fun is Green Crack. This recreational weed is well-known for its energizing, focused, and cheerful energy. This breed of recreational cannabis has a tangy, fruity flavor similar to mango. Green Crack is the go-to recreational weed in Pueblo for outdoor fun.

Jack Herer is a classic strain famous the world over for its energized, uplifting high. Its flavor is a complex mix of woody, earthy, and pine notes, which tastes perfect for the San Isabel Forest.

Cinex produces a clear, focused high, that can help to propel you up the steepest hikes in the Wet Mountains. Many Puebloans find the earthy, lemony flavor refreshing.

Finally, Candyland is a cannabis strain that produces a calm, uplifting high. This earthy, sour smoke could be ideal for contemplating the peaceful Arkansas River.

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