The Importance of Calling Pasadena Animal Control When Raccoons Are in the Attic

An article in a major newspaper recently told the story of some individuals who had rented the apartment of their dreams in the New York City area, only to have disaster strike. One of the residents discovered water dripping from the twirling ceiling fan during a rainstorm, at which point this part of ceiling crashed to the floor, bringing with it two raccoons. One would hope nobody ever has to deal with a problem this extreme, but Pasadena Animal Control is available to help if raccoons ever invade the home.

Looking to Nest

Most commonly, a raccoon moves into a residential building because this is a female looking for a nice place to nest. Attics are the most frequent choices. The critters like to be up high and they do not want to be in contact with the humans and their pets below. They can climb to the attic from a nearby tree. The home’s residents may hear scurrying noises above, but sometimes, they don’t hear any sounds until several raccoons are cavorting around the upper level.

Issues With Do-It-Yourself Trapping

The household residents may be tempted to try trapping the animals, but there are potential safety issues involved, and they may not have an easy time catching all of them. If a litter of pups is already present, the mother will be extremely protective. The best solution is to call a company such as Pasadena Animal Control for assistance.

If the pups are still extremely young, they may be hidden so well that the household residents believe there are none. Trapping the mother and leaving the pups behind is a huge mistake. This female raccoon will cause serious damage to a building trying to get back in if the original entry point has been sealed.

If the mother raccoon has been relocated and can’t find her way back, the pups are still up there. They will not live long and soon the attic will reek of dead animals. All of this can be avoided by hiring a company like Accutech Pest Management to handle the problem. Details on this company can be viewed at website.

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