The Many Benefits of Ceramic Tints On Residential And Commercial Windows

by | Nov 8, 2019 | Home Improvement Services

It’s common knowledge that it’s a great idea to have ceramic tints on the windows of cars. What’s less commonly known is that there are many benefits to having ceramic tints on the windows of residential and commercial buildings.

Protection from ultraviolet rays

Conventional windows let in the ultraviolet (UV) rays of the sun, and this leads to unhealthy exposure for those inside the building. Ceramic tint on windows cuts down on the UV rays, and you can even choose how dark you want your windows to be. If you’re renting office space, with ceramic-tint windows, tenants will be able to focus on their work better without dealing as much with the glare of the sun. Not only do ceramic-tint windows protect people from the sun, they protect upholstery, wall hangings and other interior features from getting washed out and faded as quickly over time.

Energy costs

Conventional windows let in all the sun, and this heats up the interior space, which, in turn raises energy bills. With luxury window tint Westlake Village, the building is more efficient at keeping the temperature where you want. Ceramic-tint windows make sense anywhere, but especially in sunny regions of the country. What’s more, new nano-ceramic technology is creating a new class of tinted-windows that don’t fade over time and are even better at cutting infrared heat while maintaining clarity.

Expand your space

In buildings that do not have ceramic-tint windows, there are often spots where no one wants to be or work because of the hot glare of the sun. Therefore, using ceramic-tint windows expands your usable space. Furthermore, ceramic-tint windows are highly resistant to scratching and shattering, and this makes them more attractive and safe than regular windows. For luxury window tint Westlake Village, visit CustomClearCuts.

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