The Services Drivers Need From Automotive Locksmiths in West Hattiesburg

While locksmiths often work with business owners and homeowners, they also work with the area’s drivers. In fact, these calls are quite common. In this guide, you’ll learn about the services most drivers request from an automotive locksmith in West Hattiesburg.

Cutting New Keys

Most of today’s cars are highly computerized, and the keys contain transponder chips. These chips allow the key to interface with the car’s computer, ensuring that only the authorized key will start the engine. While it’s a great security measure, it also creates problems for those who lose their keys. If this happens, call an automotive locksmith who can cut and program a new key.

Damaged Locks

Whether it’s through vandalism, theft, or an accident, door lock damage is common. A damaged lock may not work with its key or remote fob. An automotive locksmith can ensure that your locks work, even if they need replacement.


This is one of the most common reasons for a driver to call a locksmith. If you lock your keys inside the car—or worse yet, lose them—you won’t be going anywhere! An automotive lockout isn’t just inconvenient; in poor circumstances, it can be dangerous. Automotive locksmiths can easily unlock vehicles, letting drivers get back behind the wheel.

Finding the Best Automotive Locksmith

Finding a great automotive locksmith in West Hattiesburg is an important step, as not all locksmiths are created equal. The entire team at Hattiesburg Towing is licensed and insured, so you’re sure to get the service you deserve. Visit them online at
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