Thinking About Wine Storage? Consider a Custom Creation!

by | Oct 13, 2021 | Wine Cellar

Many people own wine racks. They are lovely conversation pieces that also serve a practical purpose. Some are passed down through generations of family while others are assembled with ready-made wine shelf kits. For the amateur collector and enthusiast, these are both excellent options.

However, if you are ready to take your collection to the next level, you might be ready to invest in a custom-made piece. Whether you want a custom rack or a fully custom wine cellar design in Charlotte, NC, you have several options that will wow your guests time after time.

Main Level Wine Racks

Are you thinking of turning a spare room in your home into a wine room? Maybe you have a butler’s pantry you scarcely use or a spare bedroom or office space that would be better used to house your collection.

Regardless of where it is in your home, adding custom-made wine shelving or racks can help you create the kind of walk-in wine closet you have always wanted.

Traditional Basement or Cellar Wine Storage

If you really want to take the traditional route, consider a customized wine cellar. Add this room to your current basement or create a cellar area just for your collection. Keeping your wine below ground has many benefits, chief among them that it will blow away your guests when they tour your home.

Additionally, your wine will be protected from temperature variation, heat, moisture, and light when stored below ground. If you do not have a traditional cellar, you can still create the look and feel of one with a custom installation in your basement or even your ground floor.

Whatever you are hoping to achieve with your wine storage solution, there are specialists who can make it happen. From rich, traditional woods to modern metal installations, if you can dream of a wine storage room, you can have it custom built!

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