Three Perks of Renting a Marathon, FL, Beach House for Your Next Vacation

by | Oct 30, 2019 | Travel & Vacations

If you are planning a vacation in Florida, you may be comparing your accommodation options. If the idea of staying in a hotel is not very appealing, you may be a good match for a temporary beach house rental. Discover the top three perks that they have to offer below.


Beach house vacation rentals in Marathon, FL, offer more privacy than traditional accommodations such as hotels or motels. You can eliminate the hassle of dealing with other people during your vacation and instead focus on having the best time possible with your loved ones. As a bonus, you won’t need to worry about noisy neighbors.

Full Kitchen

Another perk beach house vacation rentals in Marathon, FL, provide is a full and complete kitchen. Hotels only offer a small kitchenette at best. This factor alone is worth considering for holiday stays or if you simply enjoy cooking for your friends and family.

Beach Access

Finally, beach house rentals offer immediate beach access. You will enjoy waking up to the waves and spending your day in the sun and sand without needing to worry about packing up and driving back to a hotel. With the shore just a short walk away, you can maximize your vacation time while making wonderful memories with your loved ones.

Temporary beach house vacation rentals are a growing trend, and for good reasons. They offer the comfort of staying in a real house as well as a higher level of privacy than hotels can offer. They also give you and your guests the chance to experience the area like a local. Our reservationist at Vacation Rentals of the Florida Keys is available to help you discover your next rental beach house.

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