Three Simple Steps To Great Looking Granite For Life

by | Jul 29, 2022 | Construction & Contractors

Selecting natural stone for your kitchen and bathroom countertops in St. Paul is always an excellent choice. Natural stone countertops add to the appeal of a home for buyers if you are planning to sell in the future, and they provide an incredibly durable and easy to maintain surface if you plan to stay in the home.

There are three simple strategies to use to keep your granite looking new. This is a very practical natural stone option that offers a range of colors and patterns that is not available in other natural stone slabs.

To keep your granite in like-new condition, here are three important steps to consider:

  • Seal as needed – depending on use, the countertop will typically need to be sealed about every two to five years. Some countertops may last significantly longer before they require sealing. If water left on the surface creates a darker spot on the countertop, it is time to apply more sealant. This can be a simple do-it-yourself project, or it can be completed by a professional for a very reasonable price.
  • Avoid abrasives or acidic cleaners– do not use kind of abrasive cleaning products on a granite countertop. This not only removes the sealant but also creates dull, scratched marks on the surface. Household cleaners that have abrasives or any type of scrubbers, steel wool, or other types of pot and pan scrapers or cleaners should never be used on the surface. Do not use any acidic cleaning compounds or chemicals on the surface, and this includes bleaches and ammonia-based cleaners. There are specific cleaners for natural stone that also help to maintain the surface.
  • Wipe up spills – wiping up spills immediately is a good habit to develop. This reduces the risk of staining the stone.

Caring for granite countertops in your St. Paul home just takes minutes a day. Avoiding common mistakes helps counters to look great for decades.

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