Tips For Using Low Voltage LED Landscape Lighting

Creating a beautiful back or front yard for your Asheville, NC, home should include the use of landscape lighting. Choosing the option of low voltage LED landscape lighting adds consistent, warm colored lighting to add visibility or to create an ambiance and highlight specific features in the area.

Low voltage LED landscape lighting is also an energy-efficient lighting source. These systems typically include 12-volt lights, which is much less costly to operate than the typical 120-volt lights without sacrificing visibility or durability. These lights provide up to 50,000 hours of light before they need to be replaced, which is always a cost-saving factor to consider.

To make the most of Low Voltage LED Landscape Lighting In Asheville, NC, plan the type of light you want and consider how the different lights work with each other to create the ideal space.

Pathway Lighting Requirements

A key factor to any outdoor landscape lighting is to consider the amount of light required. Along walkways, patios, or around benches or entertainment areas, lighting should be designed to provide clear visibility without being harsh or glaring. Path lights are the perfect option to add soft pools of light that illuminate traffic areas.

Accent Lighting Options

Uplights and well lights are the perfect option to add a dramatic touch to taller and larger features. They can be placed at the base of trees, the walls of the home, or even along fences to add unique lighting patterns shining upwards.

Downlights are the opposite and are the ideal way to create the look of moonlight streaming down through larger tree canopies in any Asheville, NC, yard. They can also be used for high benches, pergolas, fountains, or any other architectural details on the home or in the yard.