Tips On Writing Obituaries in Eau Claire WI

Writing an obituary for a loved one that has recently passed is a very personal journey. The person in charge of writing it may not know what to include and what to leave out. Here are some tips for writing Obituaries in Eau Claire WI for those that may be facing tough choices during a difficult time.

1. It is considered a standard procedure to list the name of the deceased, their age at the time of passing, and the city they passed away in. Some people may want to list the hospital or hospice they passed away at or the fact they passed at home if this was the case. Others may want to mention their birthplace and a cause of death. While readers of obituaries are certainly curious as to why a person passed away, the decision to list it in an obituary is completely up to the deceased’s loved ones.

2. Try to list a short overview of key events or successes in the life of the deceased. The word to focus on here is short. Obituaries in Eau Claire WI should never be written as a full-blown biography. The loved ones can go into more detail about the life of the deceased during the memorial service if they desire.

3. Most obituaries will mention the immediate family of the deceased while others will mention other extended family members such as uncles and aunts or nieces and nephews. This section of the obituary is completely up to the family. Ask an experienced company such as Smith Funeral Chapel if there are any questions of insight that one feels need to be discussed.

4. The obituary should end with a mention of the times of service if services will be held. Some people choose not to have any sort of memorial, and this is a perfectly acceptable decision to make. If photos will be used, try to include a recent photo. Many families also like to post a picture of the deceased when they were younger as friends who may not have seen them for some time may be unfamiliar with how they looked like at present and will not read the Obituary.

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