Top Homeowner Tips: When to Call for Local AC Repair in Surprise, AZ

Not sure if it’s time to call for local AC repair in Surprise, AZ? The last thing you want is to need emergency repair services. So, follow these tips to know when to call for AC repair.

Listen for Strange Sounds

Has the AC been making strange sounds like whirring, clanking, and squeaking? Don’t ignore these sounds. There could be a loose belt or a screw or bolt that needs tightening. The sooner these problems get taken care of, the less likely you are to experience more issues.

Airflow Is Weak

Weakened airflow isn’t something that resolves on its own. If the air filter isn’t dirty, the airflow problem could be an issue with the motor or the ventilation system. When ductwork ages, it can spring leaks and make it hard for air to circulate evenly throughout the house. An HVAC technician should inspect the AC system and the ductwork for any signs of problems and make repairs right away!

The AC’s Circuit Breaker Trips Regularly

Does it seem like the AC’s circuit breaker is always tripping? In a situation like this, there could be one of two things happening:

• The circuit is bad and needs to be replaced.

• There’s an issue with the compressor.

If the circuit keeps tripping, the best thing to do is to turn off the unit and call for service.

The AC Short Cycles

Finally, if the AC runs frequently and never completes a cycle, this is a sign of an AC problem. Call for local AC repair in Surprise, AZ, to prevent further issues.