Tops Reasons to Invest in Condos in West Chelsea

For many people, the idea of no yard work or exterior maintenance is one of the biggest draws to purchasing condos in West Chelsea. However, that is just the start of the advantages. There are many other perks to purchasing a condo over a house that many people don’t think about.

Great Community Living Opportunity

A great thing about condos is the communal spaces, such as pools, clubhouses, rooftops, patios, and more. Like the ones at 35 Hudson Yards, all of these communal spaces allow the residents to hang out as a large group and get to know each other. Many condos will also offer some fun events throughout the year, such as cookouts, pool parties, wine tastings, and more.

Most condo buildings are located close to business and entertainment areas. For those living in the buildings, there is easy access to many events, including farmers’ markets, movie theaters, music in the park, and many others. Condos are also built near public transportation to provide easy access to other areas of the city that homeowners might want to go to.

Lower Insurance Rates

Insurance rates are lower for condos in West Chelsea because you are only insuring the inside of your home. Condos are typically part of an HOA, so a portion of the monthly dues homeowners pay goes towards insuring the outside of the building and inside community areas. As you are only insuring the inside of your condo, the rates are often cheaper than for a single-family residence.

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