Types of Commercial Fire Alarm Systems

If you want to place a fire alarm system on your premises or replace it, you will need to choose the right one. However, there are many kinds of fire alarm systems, and choosing one may be hectic. Even before you install one, you will need to ask yourself whether you really need the system. This way, you will be ready to select one that will serve you right. Here are four types of the fire alarm systems you can choose from;

Convectional fire alarms

This is a primary system that is recommended for smaller properties such as individual shops, offices, and retails. In case of a fire, it detects it through the smoke alarms and alarm points. However, it doesn’t necessarily show the exact place of the fire, making it cheaper. In addition, every component of this commercial fire alarm system is installed individually, making it complicated. Therefore, it’s only perfect for you if you have a tight budget and match your needs.

Addressable fire alarms

Addressable fire alarms usually control the fire alarms on the premises. They will tell the exact place where the fire is coming from, and that’s why It is recommended for more significant buildings. This way, people can evacuate the building safely without being hurt and knowing where to avoid going. Because of its good qualities, this system is costly. But it’s worth it when installed in a large building.

Aspirating fire alarms

This system detects fire at an early stage by sampling the samples of the smoke. They are recommended for data centers, server rooms, warehouses, and cold storage space. This is because of the high ceilings these rooms contain.

Wireless fire alarms

The wireless fire alarms usually use radio frequencies; hence no need for cables. Its installation is straightforward, and there is not a day when it will ever be blocked or weak. Hence, it is costly when compared to other commercial fire alarms systems.

Whether you are in San Antonio, TX, or anywhere else in the world, make sure you get the best fire system that suits your needs. This way, you will be comfortable knowing your staff will be safe in case of a fire.

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