Understanding Cash Surety in Bond in Tyler, TX

When people find themselves in trouble with the law and are arrested, the next step is jail unless they can qualify through the payment of either a cash bond or a surety bond. Depending on the amount of money a person is able to afford, the cash bond may be chosen, or the surety bond will be selected (which is common). A bail bond agency wants potential clients to understand Cash Surety in Bond Tyler TX, so that they can know what they are getting into. Here is a look at the difference between the two.

 Understanding the Cash Bond

When a person is electing to use the cash bond, that means the full amount of the bail must be paid to the court before the person can be released from jail. The amount will be returned once the case is dispensed of regardless of whether or not the defendant is found guilty. The full amount minus the court fees and other court costs will be returned to the one who posted the cash bond. If the defendant decides to skip out on the bail, the one who posted the cash bond loses all of that money.

Understanding the Surety Bond

The surety bond is the method most people elect to use since only a fraction of the full bail has to be paid upfront, and this usually involves a bail bond agency. The bail bond agency charges the defendant 10 percent of the full bail, and will also want the defendant to post collateral against the remainder of the full amount. The collateral that is considered includes homes, cars, boats, stocks, and expensive jewelry. The bail bond agency is responsible for the full bail if the defendant skips out.

A Bail Bond Agency in Tyler, Texas

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