Understanding Some Distinctions Between Softwood and Hardwood Lumber in South Salem CT

by | Jun 13, 2019 | Building Materials Supplier

When someone sees a list of lumber types that a building supply company offers for house framing, this person may wonder why both softwood and Hardwood Lumber in South Salem CT are included. Wouldn’t softwood be unsuitable as the basis for an entire building? This misconception arises from a misunderstanding of the characteristics of softwoods like Douglas fir and cedar.

Evergreen and Deciduous Trees

Evergreen trees, which are gymnosperms, grow faster than hardwood trees. Some of these woods are softer than hardwood, which comes from deciduous trees that drop their leaves in fall. However, Douglas fir and cedar both are harder than some types of hardwood. Poplar in particular, is quite soft for a deciduous tree. In contrast, walnut is very hard and also quite expensive.

Evergreen trees generally have more wood aroma than deciduous trees do. Cedar is the hallmark example, and its ability to repel moths make it a favorite choice for closets. It should be noted that cut oak is rather aromatic as well.

All of these details make things confusing for someone who hasn’t studied tree botany or lumber.

Forests for Lumber Production

The type of lumber available at a building supply store may be related to the types of wood most available in the region. This keeps costs lower since the lumber does not have to be shipped as far. Large lumber manufacturers may grow their forests of a certain species and use that exclusively to provide lumber suppliers with the product.

Since softwood grows so much faster than hardwood, it’s efficient and more cost effective to plant evergreen trees. An evergreen tree can be mature by 15 or 20 years old, but it takes much longer than this for deciduous trees to reach full maturity.

Common Purposes for Hardwood Lumber

Hardwood Lumber in South Salem CT can be used for framing, although it will cost significantly more. Oak and locust are two common examples. People also can buy hardwood lumber from a company for other purposes too. They may want to build some furniture and cabinetry, for instance. Browse companies to get started.

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