Understanding the Medical Process of Having Spider Veins Removed

by | Sep 16, 2019 | Business

Varicose and spider veins can be both embarrassing and painful. They make your legs look unsightly. They also can cause aches and discomfort throughout your entire leg.

Rather than suffer with them, you can have them safely removed in a brief outpatient procedure. By knowing what to anticipate during spider vein removal in Schaumburg, IL, patients like you can prepare for the procedure well ahead of your appointment.

Standing During the Procedure

When you undergo spider vein removal in Schaumburg, IL, clients like you will be told to stand during the entirety of the procedure. You will not lie down on an operating tablelike you would with other medical procedures. You will need to remain standing to give the doctor better access to every part of your leg.

The procedure itself takes a matter of minutes. It can be done in as little as 30 minutes. However, if you fear that you cannot stand that long, you can ask the doctor for a chair or a table to hang on to. You can also keep yourself steady as the doctor works on your legs.

Numbing Shots

It is normal to worry about the discomfort that you will feel during the spider vein removal. However, your doctor will administer several shots of a topical analgesic before the operation starts.

The shots numb your legs so that you do not feel the saline solution being injected into the spider veins. The solution will cause an irritation within the walls of the veins. The irritation causes the veins to collapse and disappear.

The veins themselves are not actually cut out and removed from your legs. However, because they collapse upon themselves, they shrivel and become invisible from the outside of your legs.

Spider vein removal is safe and effective. It typically takes a matter of minutes and is relatively painless.

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