Upgrade Your Kitchen With Granite Countertops

The kitchen and the bathroom are the two most popular rooms for upgrades and remodeling. Most of the older homes in the Minneapolis area have outdated colors, styles, and features in these two rooms, including the fixtures and countertops.

Renovating a kitchen is often the priority when considering a home renovation. This is an ideal time to add natural stone countertops, with granite being a very popular choice. Granite countertops offer different colors and patterns than marble, with equal durability and natural beauty.

The Benefits of Granite

One of the many benefits of granite countertops is the hardness of this stone. Granite is denser than marble, which makes it more durable in heavy use areas, including for use in kitchen countertops.

Granite is more resistant to wear and tear, including reduced risk of chips, scratches, and surface damage. Both marble and granite countertops are naturally porous and should be sealed to prevent etching, staining, and to create a bacteria-resistant surface.

Maintenance Factors

Homeowners in Minneapolis searching for lower maintenance natural stone should consider granite countertops. The sealed granite is easily maintained with a wipe down with a damp microfiber cloth.

There are also specialized cleaning products for granite counters in the kitchen. These products can be used to disinfect the surface or clean up stubborn stains that have dried on the surface.

Most granite kitchen countertops only require sealing every few years. This is a very simple process that a natural stone countertop company can easily complete as needed.