Upside to Renting Atlanta Apartments

While most people think that every person’s dream in America is to own a home, this is far from the truth. While the current homeownership rates in the United States are currently on the rise, many people are finding the upside to renting Atlanta apartments. Although renting might not be an ideal choice for some families, it is something that they must make work.

No Maintenance Bills

Perhaps the most significant advantage to renting Atlanta apartments from places such as Icon Buckhead is there are no maintenance bills to worry about. Regardless of where you are renting from, the landlord is 100% responsible for all repair and maintenance costs. What this means for you is no sudden expenses when your furnace goes out, your plumbing backs up, your roof springs a leak, or anything else.

Access to Amenities

The access to the different amenities that apartment living has to offer is another great reason to rent. For homeowners to have access to a pool or a gym, they must either invest in adding one to their home, along with the expenses of maintaining it, or they have to go to a public facility. Condo or townhome owners must pay HOA fees for these same amenities that apartment renters can access for free as long as they are paying rent.

No Property Taxes

Not considering repair or maintenance bills, property taxes are the biggest expense for homeowners each year. When you rent Atlanta apartments, you won’t have to worry about them as the property owner is responsible. Although renters do need to pay a security deposit, that is often refunded upon moving out if you leave it in perfect condition.

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