Using an Adjustable Laptop Desk From Los Angeles to Avoid Sitting All Day

An adjustable laptop desk is increasingly appealing to office workers who otherwise would spend their entire shift sitting. This type of office furniture allows them to alternate standing with being seated. Research has shown that sitting for a large part of the day is connected to a higher risk of various health problems.

The Many Hours Spent Sitting

In this country, most people spend a great deal of time sitting at work and at home. They might spend more than six hours a day sitting at work and another six at home watching TV, reading, eating or conversing.

A Higher Risk of Illness

Yet research indicates a significantly higher chance of chronic and serious illness for those who are off their feet this much. Those risks include high blood pressure, stroke, heart disease, Type 2 diabetes and certain types of cancer.

An Effective Tool

An adjustable laptop desk can be an effective tool in reducing sitting hours at work by half or even more. For best results, the person should be reasonable about how much time standing will be realistic at first. An hour during the first half of the day and another hour later could be the initial goal.

Men and women generally are uncomfortable standing on a hard surface for many hours a day. Investing in an anti-fatigue floor mat resolves that problem. Wearing shoes comfortable for standing is another important strategy for success.

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