Ways to Safely Use Your Generator While at Home in New Jersey

When your power is out, you might think that you have to sit in the dark until it’s restored. With a power generator, you can get through almost any emergency until you do have access to utilities once again.


When using an emergency power generator in New Jersey, you want to make sure it’s away from your home. This can prevent a fire from occurring and can prevent carbon monoxide fumes from getting inside. Make sure there’s nothing over the generator when it’s in use to prevent fumes from getting trapped as well.


After using your emergency power generator in New Jersey, you’re going to need to refill it with gas. Make sure the generator is cool before putting gas inside. Spilling gas on one that’s hot could cause a spark to ignite, which can lead to devastating results. Try to use a funnel when refilling so that gas isn’t spilled on the surface of the generator or on the ground.


Find a level surface for the unit so that it doesn’t tip over when it’s running. Avoid putting it in the grass because it could tip over due to the ground being wet after it rains and due to this type of surface typically being uneven. The parts inside the generator might not run properly if the oil and gas can’t get to them, which can happen if the unit isn’t placed on a level surface, such as concrete or one that you design that’s made of wood or other materials.

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