What All Gold Jewelry Buyers in Jacksonville, FL Should Know

Gold is a very popular metal that’s well sought after. Year after year, Gold has grown more valuable as a commodity. Gold jewelry is something more and more people are looking to buy. You can find gold jewelry buyers in Jacksonville, FL and all over the United States. However, if you’re going to buy gold jewelry, you need to know what you’re looking for.

Contrary to what some buyers may believe, every expensive piece of gold jewelry is not pure gold. There’s a special system that labels and measures the amount of gold that makes up a piece of jewelry. If a piece is labeled with 24K gold, it means that it’s made entirely out of gold. The letter K stands for karats. Jewelry that’s made of pure gold will generally be more expensive than anything you’ll find.

You can always opt to purchase a piece of jewelry that’s not made entirely out of gold. For instance, an 18K gold piece is only 75 percent gold – the other 25 percent will consist of extra metals such as copper or silver. You can also find gold pieces made from 14K, 12K and 10K gold. The fewer karats a gold piece has, the less gold it contains, and the less gold a piece contains, the less it’s typically worth.

Many Gold Jewelry Buyers in Jacksonville, FL often wonder about the metals included in certain gold pieces. Why do some gold jewelry pieces include other metals like nickel or silver? Because pure gold is very malleable. It can be made into almost any shape imaginable. But pure gold probably wouldn’t make the best piece of everyday jewelry. Other metals are often mixed in with gold in order to make it more solid and durable.

Take all of this information into account if you’re planning on buying gold jewelry. Contact Premier Jewelers to find out more tips and tricks for finding great jewelry pieces. Again, jewelry made entirely of pure gold are going to be worth more than those made with other metals mixed in, but gold with other metals mixed in will be more durable.

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