What Are Causes Of Neck Pain And How Can Ames Chiropractic Adjustments Help?

by | Jan 28, 2020 | Chiropractor

A “crick” in the neck from sleeping wrong or being in a car accident aren’t the only sources of neck pain. Did you know sitting too long causes neck pain? The mucles in the upper back and neck work hard to hold the head in its position as we sit hunched over a keyboard. Here are other causes of neck pain for which neck pain treatment in Ames, IA, would be necessary.

Poor Posture

Proper posture means when we stand at anatomical rest, the shoulders are back and the head straight up. The muscles are relaxed. When we get out of this good posture, muscles tense up in order to hold us in that posture. Neck pain results.

Dental Troubles

Let’s say you have an abscessed tooth. The muscles of the face and jaw tense up. The tension gives you a headache. The neck tenses up in defense from the pain. Now your shoulders are tensed up, because the neck is. A dentist can help the tooth, but who helps the rest of the pain? May we respectfully suggest neck pain treatment in Ames, IA?

Pinched Nerve

A pinched nerve means pressure is put on a nerve along the spinal cord or in the neck. It could come from overzealous exercise, abnormally stretching the neck, or sleeping wrong among other causes. A chiropractor can fix this in a jiffy. Ames Chiropractic & Wellness Center PLLC is well versed in relieving neck and other pain. Contact us  to learn more. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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