What are the Different Types of Tulle Material?

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Are you looking to create a cute tutu for your kiddo or trying to come up with elegant ways to decorate your wedding on a budget? Both scenarios – and a whole lot more – can be accomplished with tulle fabric. However, there’s more than one kind of this versatile material; the kind you choose should be based on what you need it for and how you hope your project will look and feel when completed. Read on to learn about the different types and choose the best one for you!

Material Make Up

What is tulle fabric made from? There are three different answers: silk, rayon, and nylon. Let’s look at each in detail:

Silk tulle fabric is the softest kind of tulle fabric. It’s excellent for clothing and accents for linens. Silk tulle is also often referred to as “dress tulle”.

Rayon tulle fabric is stiffer than the silk variety. It can be used for gift wrapping, decorating and more, as it can stand up or hold its shape much better than silk fabrics.

Nylon tulle fabric is like rayon in that it holds its shape well. It can also be softer than rayon, though not typically as soft as the silk variety. The so-called perfect blend for many applications is the “bridal illusion” blend used in bridal veils. This tulle fabric is made from a mixture of polyester and nylon tulle, giving it a soft, supple texture that also stands up well to shaping and draping.

Other Details

Thankfully, no matter what material you choose, tulle fabric is available from your preferred party and craft supply retailer in a variety of colors, sizes, and amounts. You can buy a 3-inch roll or a bolt of over 100 feet of tulle – it all depends on what you need it for. Don’t let the many available options boggle your mind; tulle is the perfect fabric for all your favorite crafts.

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