What Kinds of Services Does A Tree Service Company in Dunwoody Provide?

Tree services include tree care like trimming and pruning. It can also include removing trees or cleaning an area after storm damage.

What Do Emergency Tree Services Include?

24-hour emergency tree services in Dunwoody GA often involve cleaning up damage after a storm. Severe weather like gale-force winds or blizzards can snap limbs or even knock down a whole tree. In such cases, the emergency services professionals will remove the tree and clean away the limbs.

Emergency tree services can also try to salvage weakened trees by pruning away damaged limbs or by cabling the tree. In cabling, the professionals will use steel cables to support or stabilize the tree. Cabling can also be done to hold a tree with a split trunk together. Emergency tree services are available 24/7.

How Does Pruning Benefit A Tree?

Pruning a tree can improve its appearance by making it look less unkempt. It also has practical benefits. For example, the tree service professional can strengthen a tree by removing dead limbs – which also makes the tree safer to keep around. The tree service professionals may also prune the lower branches to provide more space underneath them.

What Does Tree Removal Service Include?

In tree removal service, the tree service professionals will remove either a whole tree or a tree stump. They will also clean up trees that were damaged by a storm. The tree service professionals will begin their job by examining the tree or stump and determining the safest way to remove it.

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