What Naples Homeowners Should Know About Balance In Designing Their Remodel

by | Dec 9, 2019 | Construction & Contractors

Homeowners remodeling their homes usually begin by watching cable home renovation shows. What many homeowners see is balance in the finished product. How can they get it? Home interior design Naples FL professionals can help.

What Is Balance In Interior Decorating?

Balance is the flow of the interior. The eye is drawn from left to right when viewing a room. Balance lies in placing short pieces to the left and then following with tall pieces to the right. For example, placing a console on the left of a room would then lead the eye naturally to a tall TV cabinet on the right side of the room.

To home interior design Naples FL professionals, balance also lies in the use of color, texture, and shape. The room’s furniture doesn’t have to match, per se, but it does have to have a rhythm and symmetry to it. For instance, you wouldn’t place delicate, spindly tables among thick, chunky chairs.

In this scenario, you would place your thick, chunky chairs opposite a sectional sofa. Your tables would be appropriately sturdy such as wood tables suitable for a farmhouse look, a la Joanna Gaines. Homeowners looking for ideas will find just such balance and flow on eblinteriors.com.

Other Elements Of Balance

Perfectly symmetrical rooms are boring. Most rooms have a focal point such as a fireplace or a bay window with a stunning look at nature. Arranging your room around this focal point adds emphasis to the focal point. Ideas for this, too, can be found on Eblinteriors.com. Contact us to learn more about it.

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