What Patients Should Know About A Dental Bridge In Augusta GA

Dental patients who are missing an entire section or row of teeth need a solid solution for replacement. There are several choices for these patients. However, these opportunities might not be covered under their dental insurance coverage. For this reason, they must choose more economic options. The following is information that patients must know about a Dental Bridge in Augusta GA.

Reviewing the Patient’s Gums

The dentist must assess the patient’s gums. The dentist cannot provide a dental bridge if the patient has any existing issues with their gums. For example, if they have an existing infection or damage, it must be corrected first. The dentist may need to complete grafts to correct some damage. The dentist provides information about these conditions and offers a viable solution.

Recreating the Missing Teeth

The dentist acquires a mold of the gums and measurements for surrounding teeth. This information is provided to the lab that will create the dental bridge. The information ensures that the bridge will fit within the designated area as expected. It also prevents disproportionate teeth that could hinder the patient’s appearance.

Permanent or Removable Bridges

The dental patients have a choice between permanent and removable bridges. Removable bridges are created in the same manner as dentures. They require an adhesive to keep them adhered to the gums. The dentist may provide them with brackets that are connected to surrounding teeth to help keep the bridge in place. On the other hand, permanent bridges are installed to remain in place forever.

Additional Choices for Tooth Replacement

Another choice that is available as an alternative to a bridge is a dental implant. The dentist can install these implants individually or in a small section. These implants look more natural and won’t fall out of the mouth.

Dental patients can acquire bridges to replace their missing teeth. The devices provide the complete replacement of an entire section of teeth. They can restore the patient’s smile and restore function. Patients can choose permanent or removable options. Patients who wish to acquire a Dental Bridge in Augusta GA can Visit https://augustadentalarts.com to find out more about our services.