What Should Women Know About Brow Threading In Baymeadows Jacksonville FL?

by | Jul 20, 2023 | Skin Care

When a woman has hair overgrowth in her brow area, there are a few different options she has for removing the excess hair. She must explore her options so she can make the best choice for her needs. Although a woman can have her hair individually plucked, this is a time-consuming process. There is another method that can produce superior results with less irritation. Brow Threading in Baymeadows Jacksonville FL can be used to sculpt a woman’s brows and give her a more refined look.

Threading can be mildly painful, especially if one has sensitive skin or does not deal well with pain. For these women, there are numbing creams that can be applied to the skin to temporarily numb the area before the eyebrows are threaded. Threading is a relatively quick process but will become faster each time a woman goes to have her brows treated. A woman mustn’t wear any makeup while having the procedure done because eye watering can occur.

A woman will be asked to pull her eyelid taught while the esthetician performs the threading procedure. This ensures the skin does not get pulled while the threading is being carried out. Thread is used to grab a line of hairs and pull them from their roots. Removing the hairs from the roots helps to ensure the growth is finer when it comes back in after a couple of weeks or more.

After the threading is done, a woman may want to have her brows trimmed. This gives a more refined and neater look to the brows. Those with fine hairs can typically skip this process but some women will need it to ensure their brows look as sculpted as possible. It is important a woman checks her results before leaving and asks for touchups if she is not happy with her brow threading in Baymeadows Jacksonville FL.

If you are unhappy with the overgrowth of your brows and would like a more sculpted look, Brow Threading in Baymeadows Jacksonville FL may be your answer. For more information or to schedule your appointment, contact Sushila Beauty Care in Baymeadows Jacksonville FL. They can provide you with many different types of beauty treatments to improve your appearance.

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