What To Expect From Air Conditioner Services In Centerville, OH

In Ohio, air conditioning units keep residential and commercial properties at comfortable temperatures. The installations require regular maintenance and repairs to operate correctly. Technicians offer Air Conditioner Services in Centerville OH for preventing sudden breakdowns during extreme summer temperatures.

Managing Refrigerant Levels

Refrigerant levels affect how the air conditioner works and produces cool air. When maintaining the air conditioning system, technicians use gauges to measure the refrigerant. Lower levels require a charge with new refrigerant, but if they are too high, the technician removes some of the gas. Professionals are certified in handling refrigerant and understand safety precautions related to the gas.

Eliminating Debris Inside and Out

Seasonal cleaning for air conditioners involves cleaning the inside and outside unit. Dust, pet hair, and dandruff are likely to accumulate inside the interior unit. Leaves and pine straw are often found inside the exterior unit. The technicians remove the casing on both units to provide a more thorough cleaning. They remove debris that wraps around the fan motor, too.

Testing the Thermostat

The thermostat reads the temperature in the home. A draft could cause an inaccurate reading and cause the air conditioning to run unnecessarily. Technicians test the thermostat and determine if it is operating appropriately. If not, the property owner chooses a new thermostat for their systems. The contractors provide details about new thermostats and their benefits.

Cleaning and Maintaining Ductwork

The technicians assess the ductwork and determine if a blockage is present. Debris accumulates inside the ductwork quickly if the vents are installed in the flooring. Maintaining the ductwork and vents involves cleaning and repairs for any damage. If the ductwork isn’t the right size for the unit installed, it could present some issues that require a complete replacement.

In Ohio, air conditioning units are vital for the summer heat. The systems keep homes and offices at a comfortable temperature throughout the season. The units lower the risk of heat stroke in the elderly and small children. Common issues include low refrigerant levels, faulty thermostats, and blockages. Property owners who want to schedule air conditioner services in Centerville OH contact a technician or Click Here for further details now.