What To Expect From An Attorney For Social Security In Stevens Point, WI

In Wisconsin, Social Security Disability programs provide monthly payments to individuals who cannot work and support themselves financially. The program eligibility requirements require the individual to have a condition that is physical or mental that stops them from working in any industry. An Attorney For Social Security Stevens Point WI provides assistance for claimants who were denied the benefits.

A Full Evaluation of the Claim

The attorney conducts a full evaluation of the claim. The findings determine if the claimant made any mistakes that led to the denial. Common issues are a lack of information or an inability to obtain necessary medical records. The exact reason for the denial explains what the claimant needs to do if reapplying or appealing.

Identifying Additional Evidence for the Claim

The attorney gathers evidence for the claim. All doctors who provided treatment for the claimant are contacted in order to get full copies of the patient records. Detailed information about the claimant’s condition helps them increase their chance of approval.

Deposing Medical Witnesses

All medical witnesses are deposed and information about the claimant’s condition is collected. The doctors have the option of testifying if the claimant waves patient-doctor confidentiality. The witnesses explain how the condition affects the claimant’s life and prevents them from gaining and keeping employment. It is beneficial for the case if the doctor shows how the condition causes a debilitating state that stops the individual from working in any industry.

Going to Court

When the case is taken to court, the attorney presents all evidence of the claimant’s condition. Witnesses provide testimony that supports the disabled individual’s claim. The judge evaluates all information provided and determines if the claim was denied unjustly. If approved, the claimant’s Social Security Disability payments start on the following month.

In Wisconsin, Social Security Disability programs offer monthly payments that help disabled individuals pay for living expenses. The process starts with an application that is submitted to the Social Security Administration. The agency verifies the information and establishes if the claim meets the guidelines for the programs. Disabled individuals who need help from an Attorney For Social Security Stevens Point WI contact Duncan Disability Law S.C. right now. You can also connect them on Facebook.