What to Expect When Enrolled in Graduate Photography Programs

Graduate Photography Programs

The MFA in Studio Photography is widely regarded as among the nation’s top programs. Since it incorporates a rigorous curriculum along with artist-directed teaching, students emerge prepared. It combines both traditional and experimental forms throughout the coursework.

Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in Studio Photography

This graduate photography program extends far beyond mere technical considerations. It explores the full capacity of the photographic medium, fully preparing pupils. By training sensitive and perceptive skills, pupils learn to become problem solvers. Moreover, they will be totally capable of operating as artists and intellectuals afterward.

Intellectual Rigor

The critique process encourages student development, and it refines their artistic ability. Moreover, they learn how to speak about their work, showcase it to others, and talk about art history. In addition, teachers focus on developing strong critical writing skills. As a result, emerging graduates can discuss their work via a variety of mediums. Reflecting on the trajectory of their work may help students hone personal visions. During the semester, you will have access to private studio spaces. Additionally, there are plenty of networking opportunities present throughout the course. After completing the requirements, you will be prepared to engage with the world as an artist.

Visiting Artists

The Parlor Room Lecture Series gives graduate students a chance to learn from pros. They visit the school, lead lectures on their craft, and open the floor for discussion. Then, you may speak to the artist, critic, or curator individually to ask questions.

School of the Art Institute of Chicago offers an accredited graduate-level photography program in Illinois.