What to Know about a Foam Roller for Painting

by | Dec 6, 2022 | Roller

When you have a painting project to complete, you can use a foam roller for painting. These rollers are great for professionals and amateurs alike because they distribute the paint evenly on the surface. This is especially true with latex and water-based paints. They are commonly used for smooth interior walls, doors, cabinets, and other smooth surfaces.

Why Painters Use Them

There are times when it is best to use a foam roller for painting. Foam absorbs liquids easily, and it distributes the liquid evenly on smooth surfaces. For this reason, it works well with latex and water-based paints. A small foam paint roller is great for smooth doors, cabinets, and other small areas, and because they are disposable, you don’t need to store them. Painters also use them for smaller trim, such as window trim, baseboards, molding, and more. Painters use foam rollers because they make the job move quickly, and they roll the paint on evenly.

Advantages of Foam Rollers

There are several advantages of using a foam roller for painting, especially if you use it in the right situations. First, they work well on smooth surfaces and can quickly apply paint on the surface evenly. You can use them on doors without leaving brush marks behind. In addition, foam rollers are small and easy to maneuver, and they usually have rounded ends. This makes them a popular choice with paneled doors. Finally, they are intended for one or two uses so you can throw them away when you finish, reducing your cleanup time.

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