When to Seek Emergency Room Treatment Vs Urgent Care in Columbia SC?

by | May 10, 2023 | Health

When a patient requires immediate medical attention, he or she has two basic options: head to the Emergency Room, or look for a clinic specializing in Urgent Care in Columbia SC. There are a few basic differences between these two options, including the level of care that each of them typically provides. This article is intended to help patients decide whether they should head to the ER or simply find a walk-in urgent care clinic to address their immediate medical concerns.

Level of Care Required

Urgent care clinics can provide treatment for many common injuries and illnesses, but they generally aren’t equipped to handle serious emergencies. Patients experiencing symptoms of heart attacks, strokes, serious burns, or life-threatening injuries or illnesses should always be seen by an Emergency Room doctor. Those that are simply looking for immediate attention for less serious health concerns can generally feel comfortable heading to a clinic.

Time of Injury or Illness

While the ER is open and staffed with medical professionals all hours of the day and night, urgent care clinics are typically open only during business hours. Some clinics are also open on Saturdays, but chances are if the patient requires immediate treatment after hours that can’t wait until the next morning, his or her best option is to head to the Emergency Room.

Common Reasons to Seek Urgent Care

There are a few common reasons for patients to seek Urgent Care in Columbia SC provided by a medical clinic instead of a hospital. These include sore throats, vomiting, persistent diarrhea, painful urination, fevers that are not accompanied by rashes, earaches, and minor trauma. Common sprains and shallow cuts or scrapes can usually be successfully addressed by urgent care doctors as well.

Advantages of Using Urgent Care Clinics

Urgent care clinics help keep Emergency Rooms clear for actual life-threatening emergencies. Patients suffering from minor health problems often find that they spend less time in the waiting room at urgent care clinics as well. Anyone in South Maui looking for immediate care, but not requiring Emergency Room services, can head to Veritas Urgent Care – Columbia Downtown for diagnosis and treatment.

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