When You Need a Workers Compensation Lawyer in Cullman, AL

by | Aug 8, 2019 | Lawyers & Law Firms

An injury at one’s place of work can be a devastating experience. Not only are there medical expenses and other costs associated with the injury, but there are also concerns about the ability to return to work and how to get help paying the costs. Fortunately, most companies have workers compensation insurance in place to help with these types of situations. However, there may be difficulties getting the benefits needed to cover the costs and losses associated with the injury. A Workers Compensation Lawyer in Cullman AL can help.

Steps to Take After an Injury

There are specific protocols in place at most job sites that are supposed to be followed if someone is injured. In general, employees must inform their supervisor of the injury immediately and often fill out an incident report. Some injuries may be severe and require immediate medical care that can prevent this from taking place immediately. If that is the case, filing the appropriate paperwork should be done as soon as possible. Not informing the supervisor right away can result in delays or denials of workers compensation benefits.

Complete the Application

After the initial medical care has been received, an employee must complete an application for workers compensation benefits. Unfortunately, many of these applications are denied or workers do not receive all of the benefits they are entitled to receive. In these situations, hiring a Workers Compensation Lawyer in Cullman AL may be beneficial. An attorney understands the process and can provide assistance in applying for an appeal of the decision.

Workers Compensation Benefits

Workers compensation benefits are provided to cover all medical bills and treatments associated with the injury or disease caused by a person’s place of employment. These benefits can also provide partial coverage of any wages the person loses while injured. Often, this covers only a percentage of their typical salary. If the injury results in a disability, the employee should receive compensation based on their ability to work. Unfortunately, permanent disability benefits can be complicated and difficult to have¬†approved.

Being an employee for a company does not mean a person is the company’s property. If they are injured or disabled due to that work, they should be fairly compensated. Local Experienced Aggressive Attorneys provide a variety of services and assistance to ensure injured employees get the compensation they need and deserve.

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