Where You Go for Your Quality Custom Plastic Sheet and Roll Stock Needs

Buy the finest in custom PET plastic sheet (polyethylene terephthalate). It is a thermoplastic that provides high-dimensional stability, exceptional mechanical strength and good creep resistance. It provides resistance to chemicals with deficient moisture absorption. The clear, strong, and lightweight plastic is an excellent electrical insulator. It is used for packaging foods and beverages, such as soft drinks, juices and water.

The Many Services of PET

PET has found applications in many markets, such as sports drinks and fruit juices. Depending on how it is processed, PET can be semi-rigid to rigid. It displays good structural stability and resistance to impact, moisture, alcohol and solvents. Services include:

• ISO Class 8 Clean Room Slitting ideal for manufacturing and packaging applications

• Stock Sheet Program provides thrifty, quality, quick-ship materials

• Custom Color Matching computerized for accurate reading

• And more

Use PET plastic sheet to make food-grade and post-consumer recycled products and cosmetic jars, microwave containers, and other packaged products. PET may also be used for mesh fabrics in printing, filter oil, and agricultural applications.

Properties of PET and Its Applications

PET’s properties offer:

• High strength

• High rigidity and hardness

• Good creep resistance

• And more

Applications in various industries include:

• Household cleaners, electronics, appliances and more in the consumer retail

• Condiment containers, lids, dairy product containers in the food industry

• Signage, shelf danglers, horizontal tags in graphics

• And many more

Due to excellent creep strength, low moisture absorption, and exceptional dimensional stability, PET plastic material is suitable in industries requiring complex parts, dimensional exactness, and surface quality.