Why Couples Should Consult with a Chicago Gay Adoption Lawyer

Illinois is a relatively LGBT-friendly state when it comes to adoption. The state allows same-sex couples to file a joint petition to adopt, and it also allows a same-sex partner to petition for the adoption of their partner’s child. Despite these advantages, there remain a number of challenges that gay couples may face when looking to adopt.

One challenge is that not all adoption agencies are receptive to working with gay couples. This can make the process of finding an agency to work with more difficult. Additionally, gay couples may face discrimination from birth parents who are uncomfortable with placing their child with a same-sex couple. This discrimination can make the process of finding an adoptive home for a child more difficult.

Despite these challenges, however, many gay couples are successfully adopting children and providing them with loving homes. Gay couples who are interested in starting a family have several legal options available to them. Still, it is essential to consult with a qualified gay adoption lawyer to ensure that all of the necessary steps are taken.

A Chicago gay adoption lawyer can help with everything from searching for an LGBTQ-friendly adoption agency to preparing the required legal paperwork. In addition, the lawyer can provide guidance on how to navigate the often complex and emotionally charged process of adoption.

By working with a gay adoption lawyer, gay couples can increase their chances of successfully adopting a child and ensure their rights as parents are fully protected. Visit to request a consultation with a Chicago gay adoption lawyer at Metz + Jones today.