Why Getting Wheel Alignment is So Important in the South Chicago Area

by | Jun 17, 2022 | Auto Parts Store, Automotive

The importance of regular wheel alignments is very clear. In order to keep a vehicle in operating condition, an owner will want to have the wheels aligned. The frequency that alignment is needed depends on factors like driving habits and more.

Extending the Life of Your Tires

When the wheels of a vehicle are out of alignment, this can cause the tires to have uneven wear. This will create an issue with the life expectancy of the tire, causing the owner to have to replace the tires prematurely.

Saving Money on Gas

When the wheels of a vehicle are out of alignment, they will cause an issue with gas mileage. When the wheels hit a pothole or bump incorrectly, it will throw the suspension off on the vehicle. When the suspension is off, the vehicle loses traction, which will then cause the car to have to expend more effort. This increases the vehicle’s gas usage.

Saving Money on Repairs

An owner who keeps their wheels aligned properly can avoid auto repairs. They will save on auto parts in Chicago, IL, as they will not have to go in for constant breakdowns or wheel issues.


Not only will they avoid getting auto parts in Chicago, IL, but their vehicle will also be safer when they get their wheels aligned. A misaligned vehicle can cause issues with stability and handling. It can cause a loss of control over the vehicle.

To learn more about the importance of regular wheel alignments, contact New Cats Auto Parts.

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