Why Printing on Plastic Sheets Is an Eco-Friendly Option for Signage

There are dozens of options when it comes to ordering and purchasing signage for your business. However, printing on plastic sheets is probably one of the most eco-friendly you can buy. This may sound unusual, but truth be told, plastic printing has its benefits. Here are just a couple reasons why this is a good option for commercial signage.

The Plastic Sheets Are Recyclable

Printed plastic sheets are reusable and recyclable. If your business should ever change patterns or color schemes, simply recycle the plastic sheets as you would with almost any other plastic products. Otherwise, you can reuse the sheets again and again, or until they wear out, whichever comes first.

The Color Printing Process Won’t Harm the Environment

Regardless of what you ask to be printed on the plastic sheets, the “paint” used will never wash off and it never ends up harming the environment. You can feel good that these signs will not contribute to death of living things or destroy ground water. The process used for printing on plastic sheets makes the “paint” colorfast and unable to scrape or wash off.

Sign Durability

No surprise, but the chemical compounds of the plastics used makes these sheet signs very durable. Even in long exposure to extreme heat and sunshine, the plastic will not warp, melt, or split. This means that the sheet signs are not likely to fall apart overtime unless damaged by external means.