Why the Proper Care of Baby Teeth and First Molars is Important

by | Jan 19, 2023 | Dental Care, Dentist

When a child is born, their temporary baby teeth will first grow in before the first permanent molars emerge. Even though you might assume that your child’s baby teeth will soon fall out and won’t need much extra care, you should be aware of the importance of taking care of these teeth so that your little one can maintain good dental health from an early age. The top dentists in Evanston know how to preserve baby teeth and permanent teeth with the right treatments.

Infection Prevention

Just like permanent teeth, baby teeth can develop cavities that may lead to serious infections without the proper care. These infections can be very painful for small children and lead to other health problems if they’re not addressed.

Keeps Permanent Teeth Intact

Baby teeth and first molars are closely related, and any problems with the baby teeth could affect your child’s permanent teeth. Infections from baby teeth can spread to permanent teeth that have not yet emerged and negatively affect the development of these teeth.

Promotes Better Speech Development

Most children begin to talk at an early age, and any problems with your child’s baby teeth or first molars could inhibit speech development. When baby teeth and first molars are healthy, your child will be able to speak easier and learn how to say new words with less difficulty.

Taking your son or daughter to a dentist is one of the best things that you can do if you want to give your child the gift of healthy teeth for life. Contact Stephens Dentistry if you’re ready to set up an appointment for your child to see one of the best dentists in Evanston.

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