Why You Need to Divorce Attorney IN Jupiter FL

by | Dec 15, 2021 | Lawyers & Law Firms

Are you and your spouse contemplating divorce? If so, you may be facing many dilemmas when it comes to finalizing the process. Some people have heard that they can do their own divorces. Sometimes these types of divorces are referred to as a “divorce in a box” because people buy kits, and proceed with filing for divorces on their own. Many of them do this without even consulting a lawyer. This is a risky decision because many divorces are complex, and having legal representation ensures that you will cover everything that needs to be covered.

Perhaps you and your spouse have assets. Divorce Attorney in Jupiter FL, are the number one option for understanding your rights when it comes to the division of assets. Some crafty spouses may attempt to conceal assets. You would likely have a hard time locating any hidden assets, but attorneys have the skills need to perform asset location. Some of them even outsource this portion of their caseloads to professionals who specialize in locating assets. If assets are located, and it appears that your spouse hid them, a judge could make an order to freeze the assets. The average person would likely not know how to file this type of motion. This is why it makes sense to have legal representation. If your spouse is trying to hide assets, they are likely also represented by an attorney. As an untrained person in the legal field, you will be no match for an attorney in a divorce case if you try to represent yourself.

Children and custody are other issues that may arise in a court case. Perhaps your spouse wants to have custody and so do you. Custody battles can turn ugly very quickly. The courts are more interested in the well being of the children than they are in the bickering between spouses. Judges can award custody to one parent, but they can also choose to award joint custody. Divorce Attorney in Jupiter FL can convince judges why their clients should be given custody. If you are headed for a divorce, The Law Offices of Laura E Kenney is a good resource to use.

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