Window Treatment Services in Nassau County — How to Choose the Best Design

When it comes to window treatment, blinds, curtains, and drapes each have their own lane. The average homeowner might not be overly concerned distinguishing between the three, but any experienced designer understands each serves a unique design.

Blinds are easy to spot. They come in many sizes, shapes, identified by a flow of slats that roll together to open or close. The difference between drapes and curtains? That might be a little trickier.

The simplest way to differentiate curtains from drapes is by texture, thickness, and application. Curtains are lighter, easier to install, and are usually found in less formal areas (think, the kitchen, bathroom, and bedrooms). Drapery, on the other hand, comes in thicker fabric and are commonly displayed in formal rooms such as dining rooms, theatre rooms, and banquet halls. While installing curtains could be a one-person job, drapery will call for a little more effort and probably some additional hands.

They are both functional for blocking out light, reducing the draft from a window, and adding design or color to a space. Draperies can also make a bold statement when installed over ceilings for a touch of elegant depth.

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