You Can Give Your Senior Loved One a New Life (And Get Your Life Back)

Everyone needs a change of scenery and something to look forward to, especially seniors who struggle with forgetfulness and other memory conditions. Memory care clubs run by enthusiastic experts maximize each moment seniors spend with peer groups.

Caregivers Need Care, Too

Children, relatives and friends can feel helpless and guilty about leaving a senior alone even for short times. If they give up their social lives and favorite past times, stress builds. They can spend so much time worrying about a parent’s or grandparent’s needs they forget their own.

Relief is possible with senior care in Toms River, NJ, is a gorgeous, inspiring environment to get out and about within.

Come Day or Night

Senior care in Toms River, NJ, families need most often must fit the hours they connect with their spouses, children and hobbies. This means some nights and weekends off as caregivers, but they discover limited hour day care facilities. Extensive operating hours accommodate caregivers’ varying work schedules and agreed-upon rotations.

New Life Improves Health

Flexible, extended hours give seniors and their caregivers a new lease on life. They can also improve health.

Trained physical therapists and activity coordinators give members much more exercise than they may achieve as caregivers try to work from home or accomplish goals. Group socializing encourages more conversation, reminiscing and even food consumption than seniors may get informally.

Start new chapters for all at The Regency Memory Care Club, with convenient hours and offerings the whole care.