You’ll Find Wooden Acoustic Tiles in Public Buildings Across the USA

When it comes to acoustical tiles, most people think of ugly foam or fiberboard tiles. However, wooden acoustic tiles are far more attractive and equally effective. You may have seen them in a concert hall or even a church, and not have realized their function. Rather, you probably assumed they were simply a part of the beautiful interior design.

Wooden acoustic tiles are often not tiles at all. Rather, they are also designed as cubes, slats, and sensuously curved panels. The variety of designs allows wood acoustic tiles to blend into and shape any style of interior design.

Wooden acoustical ceilings and walls can be made from ash, bamboo, beech, cherry, maple, poplar, and oak. These panels can also be left natural, or stained in shades ranging from nearly white to almost black. Wood acoustical panels can complement any style, from traditional to ultra-modern.

The simpler styles of wood ceiling and wall panels can be ordered and delivered within a few weeks. These are easy to install with a few common tools. However, the more elaborate, curved acoustic ceiling and wall panels must be custom designed. Naturally, these will take longer to produce, and may require expert installation.

Whether you are renovating an older building or designing something new, consider wood acoustic ceilings and walls. They not only create a quiet environment, but they also add warmth and beauty to any space.

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