2 Common Indications of Diabetic Eye Disease in Palm Beach Gardens

by | Feb 24, 2020 | Eye Care

Types 1 and II diabetes can affect just about every area of the body. That includes the eyes. People living with any form of diabetes would do well to have an eye exam every year. The goal is to determine if any form of diabetic retinopathy or some sort of diabetic eye disease in Palm Beach Gardens has developed. Here are two of the more common indications that some sort of issue is present.

A Change in the Ability to Perceive Colors

Over time, diabetes can progress to the point that color perception is affected. The patient may begin to notice that colors are somewhat duller than in the past. Perhaps some colors now appear to be tinged with gray. There are tests that can determine if this type of change has occurred and how severe the change happens to be.

An Increase in Floaters

Floaters are basically black spots that seem to float across the field of vision. If diabetes is beginning to affect visual acuity, there’s a good chance that the patient is noticing more floaters. While this type of diabetic eye disease in Palm Beach Gardens cannot be reversed, proper treatment can slow the progress and allow the individual to maintain greater acuity for a longer period of time.

While everyone needs to be mindful of the quality of their vision, diabetics need to take special precautions. That includes having an annual eye exam even if nothing seems to be out of the ordinary. If a problem is detected, rest assured there are ways to manage the change in vision and continue to get the most of out life.

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