Common Questions Asked About Cataracts Treatment in Greeley, CO

People with cataracts describe having the condition as looking through a foggy window. This disease clouds the normally clear lens of the eye, ultimately disrupting your vision and getting in the way of your day-to-day life. If you have been diagnosed with cataracts treatment in Greeley CO, here are some common questions and answers regarding proper treatment.

Is There a Non-Surgical Version of Treatment?

At the moment, there is no effective and non-surgical procedure suitable for removing cataracts from the eyes.
How Does Cataract Eye Surgery Work?

Cataract surgery often utilizes precise lasers to create a small incision in the cornea. The cloudy lens is removed, and a clear artificial lens takes its place, thus restoring the patient’s eyesight to its former quality.

What’s Post-op Treatment Consist of?

After surgery, your doctor will advise you to stay out of the sun, and use specialty drops to ward off infection. Your doctor may also recommend that you avoid scratching your eyes. Furthermore, avoid swimming and wearing eye makeup following the days after your surgery.

Does it Hurt?

While you will be awake during the surgery, patients state that they feel no pain during the procedure. Numbing the eyes is standard, so you won’t have to worry about discomfort during treatment.

Seeking Cataracts Treatment to Improve Your Vision?

If you’re worried about your cataracts worsening, seek out proper cataracts treatment in Greeley, CO, by contacting a trustworthy clinic. Parkview Family Eye Center can answer further questions regarding the condition and treatment. To Learn more visit their website.