4 Ways to Improve Airflow and Air Quality in Your Savannah Home

There are several ways to make your Savannah home feel comfortable. While investing in high-quality furniture, appliances, and fixtures will improve your family’s quality of life, they quickly become outdated. Improved indoor airflow comes with numerous benefits, such as better sleep and easier breathing. Below are a few tips on improving and maintaining a home’s airflow.

Install Attic or Roof Vents

The space inside an attic is the perfect place for stale air to build up—and poor air circulation is a major cause of the problem. Without proper ventilation and occasional Air Conditioner Repair In Savannah, GA, hot air will rise, but it won’t have a way to escape. Prevent this issue by looking for AC repair near me and installing dedicated roof vents that facilitate airflow within the home.

Add Air-Filtering Plants

House plants aren’t just a great way to improve your home’s appearance; they also bring fresh air indoors. Indoor plants take in carbon dioxide from the surrounding air, releasing oxygen that improves indoor air quality. Plants also absorb volatile organic compounds that come from cooking, cleaning products, and other sources.

Keep Damp Items Outdoors

If laundry is dried indoors, it adds to the level of moisture in the air. This leads to poor air quality, so it’s best to keep wet and damp items outside when possible. When the weather is poor, though, you’ll need to dry clothes in a well-vented room. If you’re looking for AC repair near me, call today.

Breathe Easier With Quality HVAC Services

The tips in this guide will help improve a Savannah home’s air quality without much work on your part. Consider investing in ventilation and air conditioner repair in Savannah, GA, to improve airflow and help the entire family breathe easier.