Our Buoyancy Bags Are Effective Field Solutions Made with Quality Materials

by | Jan 21, 2022 | Manufacturer

Our engineers have designed some of the world’s most well-known buoyancy bags. We’ve made them for government organizations and private corporation from around the world. You can use them to help you while you’re salvaging something that’s stuck in the water. Or, you can use a few of them to lift a damaged aircraft, so it’s easier to move off the runway.

Buoyancy Bags and Other Performance Inflatables

We’ve designed a wide variety of durable inflatables. You can use them in nearly any environment, from deep see missions to desert outposts.

Ask us for help designing one to contain liquids, such as fuel or oil. We can make one of them that will put up with the demands of your job site.

Made Using High-Quality Materials

Using urethane-coated nylon makes it possible to create high-strength inflatables. These are capable of holding up under stress. Its abrasion resistance limits damage, even if you drag it with something heavy on top.

UV resistant material prevents the sun from causing them to fade if you’ve left them outside. You won’t have to do a ton of maintenance if you get one of them.

Useful in a Number of Applications

We’ve made inflatables to tackle any situation you’re able to come up with. Use one to assist with your next oceanic salvage job. Just toss one of them into the cabin of whatever you’re hauling to add a little more buoyancy to your cargo.

You can also set a couple of them under a totaled car to make dragging it a little easier.

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