A New Way to Provide Health Insurance to Employees in Asheville NC

It’s a difficult balance when you are an employer and you are trying to give your employees health benefits. On the one hand, you care about them and you want them to have good coverage, and you also want to make sure you are in compliance with the myriad regulations governing employer-provided insurance. On the other hand, the cost of these insurance plans can be extremely large. The offerings of plans vary from year to year, but there is basically no limit to how much these can cost. So, when it comes to providing business health insurance in Asheville, NC, you are in a tough position.

Recently, a new payment model has begun appearing across the nation. It is called direct primary care, or DPC, and it entails cutting out the middleman of the insurance company and providing a direct relationship between care providers and your employees. For a flat fee, employee gets free annual physicals plus discounts and reduced rates for labs and other costs. In many ways, it works like big-brand insurance but without the up charging and profits from the insurance company.

A payment model like this is a new approach for business health insurance in Asheville, NC, but it holds promise to reduce costs while improving access and quality of care for employees. If you want to learn more about how this might fit into your business’s benefits portfolio, get in touch with Integrative Family Medicine of Asheville to get more information about a practice that uses DPC.